DMC Planning

Automated inspection of linear infrastructure

DMC Planning is a support system for handling large inspection projects of linear infrastructure, such as overhead power lines, rail, and pipelines.​

We enable the transition from inspection with helicopters to drones and provide you with:

  • Standardized operations with proven high efficiency and consistent data quality

  • Project insights: time, costs, progress

  • Regulatory compliance

Automated flights
High efficiency
Consistent data

How it works

Simply upload the coordinates of your assets (.kml, .gpx, .shp etc.) to our cloud-based platform. The software provides an overview of your inspection project, with intelligent metrics allowing you to monitor completion progress and pilot efficiency.

In-field, the same information is automatically synced to the drone, which allows you to generate intelligent automatic flight plans in seconds, with a swipe of your finger.


Automate your inspections

Our automated and standardized inspection workflows adapt with your flight permit and increase efficiency by more than 500%, compared to manual inspections. It also enables consistent and predictable data quality, every day, with every pilot.

Automated and standardized operational procedures also decrease pilot skill requirements, which facilitates scaling of your drone inspection program.

Screenshot planning.png



Project overview

Get an overview of your inspection project: map view, time estimates, completion tracker, and multi-pilot cooperation information.


Regulatory compliance

Direct feedback on relevant advisories in your flight area, includes customizable checklists, and EASA-compliant flight logs.


Automated flights

"Flying is for droids". We make your drones fly automatic missions, so the pilot only has to monitor the flight, and can focus on safety.


Increased efficiency

With our software, anyone can inspect power lines. With less than a day of training, all pilots will generate consistent data at a high efficiency.


Data management

Organize and manage the vast amounts of data generated from each inspection project.  Automate your workflows.


Powerful integrations

Our system integrates with all parts of the inspection process. Imports and export directly with your NIS and third-party systems.

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