DMC Mobile User Manual


 Last updated:  Feb 9th, 2021

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Table of content


Solution description

1. Installation guide

   1.1. Verify your hardware is supported

   1.2. Sign-in

   1.3. Install the app

   1.4. Connect the app

2. Using DMC Mobile

   2.1. Watch live video

   2.2. Remote control from Web

   2.3 Upload full-res. photos

   2.4 Flight logs

   2.5 Access media

3. Supported Hardware

4. Support / Getting help

5. FAQs / Troubleshooting


DMC Mobile you can share your drone work live with your colleagues and partners. It allows you to share live video from your drone to all users with a computer and internet connection. It also allows you to share the remote control of your drone. The live video stream can be recorded along with the flight logs and played back to you on demand.

Solution description

The DMC Mobile App is a wrapper written on top of DJI Mobile SDK and allows the connected Android device to gain navigational control over the drone and fetch the drone’s state such as position, attitude, etc. It also allows the app to fetch the video live from the drone’s camera and instantly forward it to any user on the DMC system. 
The app communicates with the DMC Cloud, and in turn, allows the DMC web app, (your browser) to view the live video and take control of the drone.

DMC Mobile system solution overview.png
1. Installation guide

This manual will guide you through the set up the DMC Mobile. Please go through of the following 4 steps:

  1. Verify that your drone/hardware is supported

  2. Sign in to DMC Web

  3. Install DMC Mobile App

  4. Connect DMC Mobile App

1.1. Verify your hardware is supported
  • We constantly work to expand support for an increased number of drones. Thus, the list of supported hardware and firmware updates frequently. Please visit this page to see the latest version of supported hardware. Supported hardware.


1.2. Sign in to DMC Web
  • Open Google Chrome or Safari on your PC, Mac or iPad, and go to:

  • Sign in to DMC Web using your sign-in credentials, which you should have received to your email. If you have not received sign-in credentials contact the administrator of your organization.

Sign in window:

window drone mission control
1.3. Install DMC Mobile App

We have made this video to illustrate these steps.

  1. Open the internet browser on your Android device or Smart Controller and open this link: (make sure that it has an internet connection), and click "download".

  2. Navigate to the File Manager and the downloaded-files directory. Open the last downloaded file. It has a filename on the format xxxxxxx.apk.

  3. Select it and click install.

(Please excuse possible warnings during installation that the software isn’t verified.) 

1.4. Connect the DMC Mobile App

We have made this video to illustrate these steps.
The first time you use the DMC Mobile App you will have to connect it to your organization. Connect it by following these steps:

  1. Open the App by clicking the DMC Mobile App icon on your Android device. Grant the app all rights that it asks for to allow for full operation.

DMC Mobile icon How to start the app

The first time the app is opened, this window will show:


2. Now, open the DMC Web application on your computer and navigate to the main menu by clicking on your organization's name, in the top right corner. (You have to be signed in to Then click “Connect app”, (see image)


3. Click “Generate code”. A one-time verification code appears that is valid for 1 minute. If the code expires before you have entered it, you can simply generate a new one.


4. Enter the code in the DMC Mobile App on your Android device / DJI Smart controller, and click verify.

Now your device is connected to your organization and all drones connected to that device/remote controller will be registered to your organization.
YOU ARE NOW READY TO FLY! See next chapter for how to watch the video in DMC Web.

2. Using DMC Mobile
2.1. Watch the live video in DMC Web
  1. Power on your drone.

  2. Power on your remote controller and Android device, or DJI Smart controller.

  3. Open the DMC Mobile App and wait for all connection steps to complete and turn green.
    - please note that for the very first time after installing the app, this process might take up to 1 min.


4. Click "FLY"

When the video stream icon in the top right corner turns green, the live video will be available in DMC Web.


5. Sign in to to view the live video.

6. Click the drone icon in the top right bar and choose “Watch video” in the menu. (see image below)

Watch video in DMC Mobile Web

The video window can be maximized to fullscreen with the maximize button in the top right corner.  

2.2. Controlling your Drone from DMC Web

As a start, consult your Admin that your user has the privileges as Pilot or Camera control. Otherwise, you will only be allowed to view the live video stream.
1. Make sure that

a. Drone is powered on,

b. Remote has internet connection, 

c. the Camera view in the DMC Mobile App is open, and

d. You have signed in to DMC Web

2. To initiate remote control of the drone, make sure of the following:

a. The remote controller flight mode switch is set to P-mode

b. The local remote pilot in command has the drone within line of sight, is informed of the takeover, and ready to retake control of the drone at any time.

3. When deemed safe, click the drone icon in the top bar and choose “Take control”. 

Take control of the drone in DMC Mobile Web

A request is now sent to the DMC Mobile app on the remote controller.

Remote control request in DMC Web

The request has to be accepted within 10 seconds for the request to execute. If not, it expires and a new request has to be sent.

4. If the request for control is accepted, (and your user account has pilot rights), the control interface will appear at the bottom right of your screen (in DMC Web), see image below.

DMC Mobile Web control for stearing the drone

5. The remote pilot ( in the web interface) can now control the drone with his/her keyboard. (The latency is usually between 500-1000 ms.)

6. The local pilot can regain control of the drone at any time by doing one of the following:

a. Click the “Cancel” button in the DMC Mobile app


       b. Switching the remote controller from P-mode


Function                       Keys
forward                                space
higher / lower                      W / S
zoom in / out                       E / D
yaw                                      right and left arrows
tilt cam up & down             up- and down arrows
backward                             disabled
side-ways                            disabled


Speed setting 1, 2, 3 equals; forward speed of 1, 2, and 8 m/s, and vertical speed of 1, 2, and 3 m/s.

2.3 Upload full-resolution photos

To upload full-resolution images from the drone to DMC Web, simply toggle the sync-button, located to the right of your screen in the App, (see image). When this is green, (see image), images will be uploaded from the drone to the cloud directly then taken.

Upload of one photo normally takes between 3-15 seconds depending on your internet connectivity and remote-to-drone link quality. The images are stored in DMC Cloud under the flight it was taken. Images will be available to all users of your organization and all users signed in when a photo is captured and uploaded receive a notification as soon as the photo is available.

>> lägg till bild på notis

2.4 Flight logs

To review flight logs, go to the Drone fleet page, which you find in the Main Menu, (click your organization's name, see picture).


Here is a list of drones that are or have been connected to your organization. Maximize the list with the arrow down icon.  


Click the drone for which you want flight logs.


Icons to the right of each flight will show if videos and images are available for that flight. Click the icons to view the media, still images vs. video.

2.5 Access media

All media are connected to the flight it was captured. To access and review the media go to that particular flight log as described in 2.4 above. Both images and video can be downloaded via the download link below the images.

3. Supported Hardware

The list of supported hardware is updated frequently. The list of supported drones is:

  • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom & Pro with Smart controller

  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom & Duo

  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK wit H20, H20T cameras, P1 and L1 to be supported in Q3

Please use the latest firmware version on both the drone and the remote controller. In general, both standard remote controller and smart controllers are supported. Visit this link for further information about supported hardware.

4. Support / Getting help

We work to provide support as soon as we can. Our goal is to answer all support errands within 24 hours, weekdays.  
For all support questions, email:

For urgent support, call +46 31 3500 651

5. FAQs / Troubleshooting

Q. The drone icon does not show in DMC Web, or ”Watch video”. What do I do?

A. Make sure that you, 1.

  • use an updated version of Google Chrome or Safari as a browser, (on iPad, only Safari is supported),

  • all devices are running the latest software versions, 

  • your equipment is supported by DMC, 

  • your computer is not behind a restrictive firewall. → If so, change to an open network and see if that remedies the issue.

  • The DMC App is open and the camera icon in the top right corner turns green.

If that does not solve the issue, try this second step (2).

2. Do a hard reboot & re-connect the USB cable 

  • Close all applications and force stop the DMC Mobile App and all DJI apps, (how to force stop apps on the smart controller)

  • Replug the USB into the android device, and 

  • if you get a pop-up window asking to make the DMC Mobile app default, do so! 

  • without such popup, please ‘clear default’ of other apps (especially DJI Apps), and restart debugging from step 2.

  • Start the DMC Mobile App. Wait for the status text to go through steps 1-4. This might take up to 1 min.

  • If your problem persists, contact us at from the registered email ID, mention your drone’s model name along with any debug information that you can provide.

Q I have video but why can I not take control of the drone?

A Make sure that;

  • your user account has Pilot privilege, (ask the admin of your organization), 

  • the Remote is in P mode, and

  • the drone has GPS-lock (green) and is airborne.

​Q. How do I take back control of the drone?

A. When the drone is being controlled via DMC Web, there are two ways for the remote pilot-in-field to instantly take back control; 

  • 1. change the position of the RC mode switch, or, 

  • 2. click the red CANCEL-button on the screen.

The controls will also be restored if the user in DMC Web chooses "Leave control".

Q I have video but why can I not take control of the drone?

A Make sure that;

  1. your user account has the privilege to take control of the, (ask the admin of your organization), 

  2. the user has the remote switch on the remote in P mode, and

  3. the drone has GPS-lock.

Q Why does the drone disconnect when I leave the app?

A Yes. For the DMC Mobile App to be able to push live video and telemetry from your smartphone/tablet/smart-controller it has to be open and active.

Q Why can I only control the camera, not the drone?

A This is because of; 

  1. Your user account is not set to “Pilot”, please consult the admin of your organization,

  2. Your drone is indoors or lacks GPS-lock for other reasons.

Q How do I change my account type/user privileges? 

A User privileges are changes under the organization tab in the main many. Only the organization administrator has the right to change user privileges.

organisation page.png
Q The latency is higher than I expected, what can I do?

A The latency is usually between 400-1000 ms. If you experience higher latency, make sure of the following; 

  • you use supported hardware,

  • your internet connection is at least 2Mbit/s, both the uplink and the downlink, on both in-field device and computer,

  • VPN services can increase latency, if possible, turn it off,

  • your geographic location. Currently, we only have servers in the EU. If you are flying elsewhere, latency may increase. Please let us know if you are located elsewhere and we will try to work with you to find a solution.

Q How do I share access to anyone out of my organization?

A For security reasons, this is not supported (guest sign-in), however, the admin of your organization can easily create a new user account, which can be shared with anyone, also out of your organization.

Q How to I jump between the DJI app and the DMC app?

A Short answer is that is not very well supported by Android. Access to any USB-port can only be linked to one app at a time. However, a switch between apps can usually be as easy as killing all running apps and open the app of your choice. If it does not work, app 'defaults' will have to be cleared, cable reconnected and the app opened again.