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Airpelago Live

Live Drone Video Stream & Remote Control Solution

With Airpelago Live you can easily share live video from your drone with anyone. It also allows you to share the controls of your drone to any PC, Mac, or tablet. The live video can be recorded securely, along with the flight logs, and played back on demand.​


Stream live HD video from your drones in near real-time.


Control a drone from anywhere through web browser.


Highest level of security standard, 256-bits end-to-end encryption.


No extra hardware needed, just download our app to your remote controller.

How it works

The drone communicates with the remote controller on the ground. The Airpelago Live App is deployed on the remote controller or the Android device connected to it, which is connected to the internet.


The Airpelago Live app uses DJI Mobile SDK to gain navigational control over the drone, and for fetching the drone’s state such as position, speed, attitude, etc. It also allows the Airpelago Live app to fetch the live video from the drone's camera and instantly forward it to any user on the Airpelago Live system. 


The Airpelago Live app communicates with the Airpelago Cloud, and in turn, allows the Airpelago Live web app (in your browser) to view the live video and take control of the drone.

Collaborate in real-time

With Airpelago Live you can invite others to your drone work by sharing your drone's live view with anyone who has an internet connection.


Sign in to Airpelago Live Web via your browser to view the live video securely with 256-bits end-to-end encryption. You can also choose to remote control the drone and/or its camera.



Live video

Live HD video stream, dynamically adjusted for the available bandwidth, optimizing for ultralow latency. Resolution adapts instantly between 1280x900 pixels to 640x480 px so you can enjoy stable and ultra-low-latency video. Live thermal cameras are also supported.

Remote control via browser

With Airpelago Live you can easily choose to share remote control of your drone with anyone in your organization who has an internet connection. With different user rights and profiles, you can build your own operational procedures for safe remote control of drones and/or their cameras.

Flight logs & Live Telemetry

Monitor your drones live, directly from your desk: battery level, position, speed, altitude, and more. Powerful map-UI. All flight logs are stored in Airpelago's cloud-based black-box solution and are always accessible.

Upload full-res. images

With Airpelago Live full resolution images (.jpg) can be instantly shared with everyone in your organization seconds after it was captured. The images are also stored in Airpelago Cloud, accessible from any computer. A full resolution copy will still be stored on the drone.

Record Video

Choose to record all streaming video automatically. The video will be available along with flight logs and can be played side by side in a video- & map view. 

The Smart Media Hub

All video streams are automatically recorded (can be turned off) and stored in the Airpelago cloud. Images and videos can be downloaded. Choose to integrate third-party solutions for the powerful video analytics of your choice (Enterprise package). 


Take control

"With Airpelago Live I can share my work in real-time with my customers. This helps us to save time and avoid misunderstandings and rework. It also saves me time when giving support to my colleagues remotely".


Software License


100€ / user / month*

For professional drone operators, looking for a way to seamlessly stream live video from their drones to a web browser, with optional remote control functions.

  • Live video with ultralow latency and unprecedented stability over LTE. Full end-to-end encryption (256-bits). RGB & IR parallel stream and multiple stream view capability.

  • Upload of full-resolution photos

  • Unlimited cloud-based media hub

  • Flight logs with replay function along with synced video

  • Remote control of drone and camera

  • User types/privileges

  • Advanced flight planning options with unlimited flight plans.

  • Powerful map layers, including rain radar, LTE coverage, and ground obstacles

  • Two-factor sign-in (optional)


Price upon request

For businesses looking for solutions tailored especially for their needs. This package is custom-made and can be integrated with other systems upon request.

All functions included in the Business package plus:

  • White labeling options

  • Third-party video analytics

  • Custom drone integrations

  • Custom map-layer integration

  • Integration to other systems

  • 5G/4G onboard for Matrice 300 RTK 

*Minimum five licenses and minimum period of twelve months. We offer 14-days free trials.


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