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Airpelago Power now available to license

A complete solution

Airpelago Power is an end-to-end software solution for conducting large inspection projects of power lines with drones. It streamlines and standardizes the inspection process and helps you deliver your project on time and with high and consistent data quality.

Flight automation

Airpelago Power automates flight planning in a revolutionary way, making it faster and easier than ever to plan a flight. By merging several data sources, our software automates a whole inspection project in seconds and all the pilots need to do is select the parts of the line to be inspected. This gives increased uptime and more inspected kilometers per day. We know from experience that Airpelago Power can help you improve your inspection efficiency from 10 to 50 km/pilot/day, making you more competitive and allowing you to reach higher profit margins.

More than automation

Besides automating the drone flights, Airpelago Power has several other features that make the inspection work better and more efficient, such as:

  • standardized and more consistent data quality

  • live progress tracking and cooperation between pilots

  • intelligent relocation assistance to minimize the time between flights

  • documentation to comply with the EASA requirements for BVLOS permissions

Consistent data quality

Thanks to flight automation, data is captured consistently, with standardized resolution and camera angles, every time and with every pilot. Standardized data capturing is crucial for getting the most out of AI analysis. Data analysis is done through our partners.

Secure data management

Airpelago Power helps you handle all data safely and in a standardized manner; from project initiation and data upload from each pilot to storage and data forwarding to the analysis partner.

Standardized inspection programs

Four preprogrammed inspection programs;

  • Storm – fly high and fast to identify critical issues i.e. trees leaning on the line

  • Service – balance efficiency over the level of detail to find most defects at a competitive cost. This is normally the annual inspection

  • Detailed – fly close and get the most details, also with IR

  • LiDAR – generates an accurate digital twin and dense point cloud with ~450 points / m2, and ~60 m wide corridors in just one flight. For wider corridors, we fly twice.

We know that each customer is different and we can help you create unique standardized inspection programs for each customer, with adaptations to image resolution, number of images, camera angles, and points of interest.

The transition from helicopters to drones

Our goal is to support the transition from helicopters to drones and we do this by working with three areas: costs, standardization, and flight permit. For drone inspections to be able to compete with helicopters they cannot cost too much more, they must be standardized and they must be compliant with the regulations. We've designed Airpelago Power to support all these three areas, making power line inspections at scale simple and efficient.

Why choose Airpelago Power

Choose Airpelago Power for your next large power line inspection project and excel in data capturing. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of efficient, high-quality inspections? Contact us today at

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