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Airpelago receives operational authorization for BVLOS drone operations based on PDRA-G01

This flight permit allows us to conduct inspections of power lines beyond the line of sight (BVLOS). Flying BVLOS is necessary to achieve the efficiency needed for drones to be a viable solution for inspection of the many thousand kilometers of power lines. This is an important milestone for us and for the whole industry on the journey towards emission-free inspections and a more stable power grid.

At, Airpelago we want to enable the transition towards a more sustainable future. Highly efficient and emission-free drone-based power line inspection is our contribution towards this goal. Our strategy is to push technological- and regulatory boundaries to get to this industry where “it ought to be”. After a massive amount of work and a constructive dialog with the Swedish Transport Administration (Transportstyrelsen), this milestone is proof of our commitment.

This new flight permit establishes Airpelago at the forefront of the European drone industry as it is the second national first for our team which recently also received Sweden's first operational authorization based on PDRA-G02. This authorization was for an innovation project together with RISE and the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS. Both these authorizations allow drones to be operated BVLOS without the need for reserved airspace, which significantly increases operational flexibility and reduces the negative consequences for other airspace users.

We are happy to be able to operate under this permit, but we are already working towards the next steps. One such step will be to enable the safe and efficient operation of drones at longer distances. Another step is to communicate over mobile network/LTE, which has the potential to increase efficiency even further.

"Reliable electricity for everyone, with emission-free inspections"

Airpelago – Power line inspections with drones.

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