Airpelago Power Inspection Service

Airpelago provides utility companies a safer, greener, and more efficient way to monitor the condition of their infrastructure. We excel in drones, software development, and flight regulations, and we use this knowledge to develop processes for state-of-the-art inspections of power lines and other linear infrastructure.

We work with utility companies (DSOs & TSOs) and service-providing companies that operate drones. To utility companies, we provide various types of end-to-end inspections. To service companies (drone operators), we provide our streamlined support software – to help them excel in providing the best power line inspections. We also provide you with training, workshops, and know-how around drone inspection of power lines. Get in touch to find out more >>

 Our inspections are




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Types of inspection


Our main focus is the inspection of distribution lines but our inspection service covers power line types. With our standardized approach, we develop inspection algoritms that fit your needs.

Regardless of the power line type, we offer the following types of inspections:

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Storm inspection

Find issues fast


Error inspection

Find granular issues


Service inspection

Balance ​efficiency and quality


Lidar mapping

3D-map assets and vegetation

The Power of Automation

The secret behind our unprecedented efficiency and repeatable, predictable inspection quality is our proprietary software – Airpelago Power. 


The software automates and standardizes planning, flight and gathering of images into a streamlined workflow that can be adapted to each customer's needs, local flight regulations, and the type of inspection.


The pre-defined inspection algoritms are based on experience, customer feedback and industry standards. Each inspection project is unique so parameters can easily be adjusted.

For service providers, Airpelago Power helps in building and standardizing inspection programs, assure quality and increase efficiency two to five times, compared to manual operations. It also enables consistent and predictable image quality, every day and with every pilot.



The drone flys autonomously capturing images from precise angles

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