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Insights for smarter error prioritization & maximized grid uptime

Higher definition power line inspection using autonomous drones

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Inspection efficiency at its core

Airpelago provides an end-to-end inspection service of power lines for TSOs and DSOs using drones. We provide a greener and more efficient way to inspect infrastructure.

Standardize the inspection process.

Better data, quality insights

Our sophisticated software helps streamline and standardize the inspection process, making it easy to visualize and prioritize maintenance projects to ensure grid uptime.

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Get insights about your network

Our inspection service offering makes it possible for you to choose the image fidelity no matter the situation. Go with the most suitable drone inspection service, be it laser mapping or a storm induced inspection of your power lines.

Low and medium voltage inspections

Annual inspection | Detailed inspection | LiDAR inspection | Storm inspection

High voltage inspections

Annual inspection | Detailed inspection | Detailed +

Set up and scale your own drone operations

Transition from Helicopter inspection to drone inspection for power lines

Making the transition to drones

Our experience and expertise in drone inspections means our services comply with flight regulations, acquiring flight permits as well as facilitating data standardization.

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Autonomous drone power line flight inspection path

Drone flight automation

To help you scale your drone operations

See how Airpelago covered over 10,000km of power lines over the summer.

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A sustainable way forward

And upward

Our drones are a more sustainable and efficient way to inspect power infrastructure than helicopters that usually come with a sizable carbon footprint.

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Drone based inspections can reduce emissions with more ~10 ton CO2 / 1000 km / year*

*Average Helicopter emissions 3,5 kg/km

More sustainable option to inspect power lines using drones
power lines

Autonomous flight paths

Airpelago Power is complete flight solution for conducting large inspection projects of power lines with drones. It turns drones into autonomous bees 🐝, making the flight 100% automatic.

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