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Efficient power line inspections with drones


"We believe in a world where drones do good and help people perform challenging tasks. We want to provide utility companies with smarter, greener, and safer ways to monitor and keep their infrastructure healthy. By doing so, we contribute to the faster electrification of our society." 

1. Power line Inspection Service

We provide a complete solution for conducting drone-based inspections of power lines and other linear-based infrastructure. We excel in the data collection part. Analysis of the collected data is conducted via one of our partners.

Provide us with geodata of the asset you want to be inspected and we get back to you with a quote within 48 hours. We then take care of the data gathering for a fixed price. 

Thanks to our automation software we collect data efficiently and in a standardized way which facilitates analysis with AI.

During the in-field phase, critical issues are reported directly by the drone pilot to your operating center.

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2. License our Software to do more Efficient Power line Inspections with Drones
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Airpelago Power is an end-to-end software solution for conducting large drone inspection projects of power lines. It turns drones into "autonomous bees," making the flight 100% automatic. But it not only automates the drones but also streamlines and standardizes the inspection process and helps you deliver your project on time and with high and consistent data quality. Our core service is to capture high-quality data and turn it into actionable insights. Power line inspections with drones are faster, safer, greener than helicopter-based inspections, and more detailed.

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