Inspection Programs Low and medium Voltage

Better data, quality insights and smarter prioritization

Ensure compliance and maximize grid uptime with sustainable and efficient power line inspection with drones at scale


Inspection efficiency at its core

Airpelago provides an end-to-end inspection service of power lines for TSOs and DSOs using drones to provide a safer, greener and more efficient way to inspect infrastructure at scale.

Inspection Programs Low and Medium Voltage

Whether it is your annual inspection or warranty check, we help you obtain the high quality data you need for optimized decision making.

Annual power line inspection icon


We strike a balance between speed and level of detail, optimizing for highest value for annual inspections. 

Images: RGB
Detailed power line inspection


This inspection focuses on detail over speed. It is often used for warranty cases or corrosion identification.

Images: RGB and ThermaL/IR
Laser and LiDAR power line inspection icon


Provides 3D-data for surveying and vegetation monitoring. 

Images: LiDAR
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We fly high at high-speed to swiftly identify critical issues. 

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How we collaborate

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1. Inspection design

We discuss your specific requirements and needs for the inspection, aligning on data and image quality. Together, we set a project timeline. You also share geographic information about the project, including LiDAR and pole/line coordinates. 

2. Quotation

We provide you with a quote that includes a fixed project price and a set deadline. In addition to confirming the quote, we also request your confirmation of the project scope.

3. Pre-project brief

Before we commence flight operations, we conduct a pre-project meeting with relevant stakeholders to review all practical details, communication channels, and contact information.

4. Data collection

Once we have a comprehensive plan in place, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the entire inspection process. All while being, emissions free, excellent quality and tailored to your requirements.

5. Analyzing & Reporting

In collaboration with a selected partner the collected data is thoroughly analyzed and brought to you through a cloud based tool. Here you can visualize and filter data and insights from the analysis and turn the large amounts of data into actionable and valuable information. The results can be exported in various formats and it can often also be integrated back into your ERP / NIS / GIS system.

Smart mission planning

Autonomous flight path

We turn our drones into autonomous bees 🐝 using our smart software Airpelago Power, making drone inspections, significantly more efficient, automated and safe.

Advanced drone route planning with Airpelago
Advanced route planning in seconds

Our experience and expertise in drone inspections means our services comply with flight regulations, acquiring flight permits as well as facilitating data standardization.

Unique drone image resolution
We optimize according to your unique requirements

The algorithms adapt to your preferences, including point of interests, number of images, camera angles and Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) /resolution.

We ensure it all works

Project & mission management

We take care of everything, providing all the necessary processes, knowledge, competence and software for resource planning, asset management, flight logging, operational control responsibilities, checklists, and documentation. We ensure automation and standardization, as well as project tracking and follow-up.

Project Mission
We ensure it all works

We handle permits & regulatory compliance 

We handle all the permits needed for your projects and assist you in the planning process to ensure regulatory compliance. 

Instant critical reports 

All our pilots are trained to spot critical anomalies and issues while operating the drones to collect data. They will report any urgent issues to you instantly, even before the drone has landed.

Real time critical alerts on power line inspection with drones Done inspection of power lines after a storm icon
Detailed inspection and high resolution images via drone power line inspectionDetailed power line inspection

Just the right level of detail

Depending on your needs and requirements, we provide the necessary level of detail to help you make informed decisions, plan maintenance, and solve problems.

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We work with your favorite vendors and partners

We have established strong partnerships with global data analytics firms, including industry leaders such as SkyQraft, eSmart Systems, Visimind, and Hepta. These partnerships enable us to streamline processes, drive innovation, and deliver a high-end service to you. 

Power line inspection safety is our highest priorty

Safety is our highest priority

Our pilots undergo comprehensive safety training. Through advanced automation, our pilots can prioritize safety and monitoring during operations. Flying drones provides the safest and most efficient method for inspecting power lines on a large scale.

A sustainable way forward

And upward

Our drones are a more sustainable and efficient way to inspect power infrastructure than helicopters that usually come with a sizable carbon footprint.

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Drone based inspections can reduce emissions with more ~10 ton CO2 / 1000 km / year*

*Average Helicopter emissions 3,5 kg/km

More sustainable option to inspect power lines using drones
power lines

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