Drone inspection of power lines

We dream of a world where drones make tough jobs easier. We help power companies everywhere by improving uptime and driving decisions with data. We offer smarter, safer, and greener ways to look after their infrastructure, so they can keep the lights on and help our world go electric.

Max Hjalmarsson
Max Hjalmarsson
CEO – Sales & Operations
Sustainability at Airpelago
What we do

Creating a better world by automating drone inspections

Airpelago is a pioneering company that is revolutionizing infrastructure inspection through the application of drone technology. Our cloud-based drone software automates and standardizes drone operations and is specifically designed for aerial inspection of energy sector infrastructure.

Power line inspection services


We offer power utility companies a smarter, greener, and safer solution for monitoring their infrastructure. Our comprehensive drone-based inspection services provide a complete solution for large-scale power-line projects. Our services are more detailed, safer and more eco-friendly than traditional helicopter inspections.

Airpelago Power Software


Our proprietary software, Airpelago Power, offers an end-to-end solution for conducting large-scale drone inspection projects of power lines. Our software transforms drones into ‘autonomous bees’ 🐝, enabling fully automated flights. Airpelago Power also streamlines and standardizes the inspection process, ensuring it captures consistent and high-quality data.

power lines
Airpelago Power Line Inspection Drone Pilots

What sets us apart

By eliminating the need for traditional helicopter inspections of power infrastructure, we enhance the safety and efficiency of our customers’ operations. Moreover, our solution contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions.

Through our cloud-based platform, power companies gain real-time access to their inspection data, empowering them to respond swiftly to critical issues, devise predictive maintenance strategies, and ensure the integrity of their infrastructure.

Our vision

Autonomous drone inspections that are efficient, safe, detailed, and emission-free.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide utility companies with a smarter, greener, and safer way to monitor the condition of their infrastructure. In this way, we ensure that millions of people have a steady and reliable supply of electricity.

Airpelago Vision graphic
Airpelago's journey

Our History

Founded in 2018, Airpelago has been at the forefront of utilizing drones and autonomous technology. Our team is composed of dedicated professionals from various fields, including software developers, drone pilots, business developers, and project managers. We are headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and work with clients all over the world.

The team

 Fredrik PerssonLinkedin Icon
Fredrik Persson
Remote Pilot
Amanda AxmanLinkedin Icon
Amanda Axman
Business Developer Manager – Sales & Operations
Britta OttesjöLinkedin Icon
Britta Ottesjö
Carl FinmoLinkedin Icon
Carl Finmo
Senior Software Developer
Carl HögbergLinkedin Icon
Carl Högberg
Software Development Advisor
Daniel HolstLinkedin Icon
Daniel Holst
Software Developer
Fredrik FalkmanLinkedin Icon
Fredrik Falkman
Head of Innovation – Sales & Operations
Hampus FalkLinkedin Icon
Hampus Falk
Software Developer
Hampus StockemannLinkedin Icon
Hampus Stockemann
Remote Pilot
Marco Jeroen Pieren Linkedin Icon
Marco Jeroen Pieren
Drone Pilot
Mats JohanssonLinkedin Icon
Mats Johansson
Chief UAS Officer – Sales & Operations
Max HjalmarssonLinkedin Icon
Max Hjalmarsson
CEO – Sales & Operations
Michael GabassiLinkedin Icon
Michael Gabassi
Chief Operations Officer – Sales & Operations
Oscar SunesonLinkedin Icon
Oscar Suneson
Drone Pilot
Philip AnderbergLinkedin Icon
Philip Anderberg
Software Developer
Simon SvenssonLinkedin Icon
Simon Svensson
Remote Pilot
Thim HenrikssonLinkedin Icon
Thim Henriksson
Remote Pilot
Tobias ErikssonLinkedin Icon
Tobias Eriksson
Drone Pilot
Tobias FridénLinkedin Icon
Tobias Fridén
Chief Technology Officer
Airpelago Team
Airpelago Logo

Want to join us?

We are a team of experienced professionals that love to push the boundaries of innovation to create efficient, safe, detailed, and emission-free solutions for utility companies.

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