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Efficient power line inspections with autonomous drones

Efficient inspections


Airpelago provides efficient end-to-end inspections of linear infrastructure. Our core service is to capture high-quality data and turn it into actionable insights. Our power line inspections with drones are faster, safer, and greener than helicopter-based inspections, plus, we find five times as many issues and defects.

With instant access to inspection data on our platform, utility companies can respond to critical issues faster and create predictive maintenance strategies for reduced operational costs. 

A central enabler of the service is our proprietary software Airpelago Power, a system for making all aspects of the inspection process more efficient. Airpelago Power automates flight, resulting in predictable and accurate results at a fraction of the time needed for manual operations.


At Airpelago, we strive to push both technological- and regulatory boundaries. Automating inspections results in increased safety, which is an integral part of regulatory compliance. Airpelago holds Sweden’s first permit for Beyond Line of Sight flights in unrestricted airspace.


Efficient drone-based inspections also create a safer workplace and reduce carbon emissions.

What we do
Airpelago – Efficient power line inspections with autonomous drones – ENG

Airpelago – Efficient power line inspections with autonomous drones – ENG

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About us

Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy


At Airpelago, we believe in a world where drones do good and help people perform challenging tasks. We want to provide utility companies with smarter, greener, and safer ways to monitor and keep their infrastructure healthy. By doing so, we contribute to the faster electrification of our society.


Our core competencies are autonomous vehicles, coding, and drone regulations. We are a growing number of passionate developers, designers, and supporters, working from offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.


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