Airpelago Wins Major Tender with Ellevio

May 8, 2024
Airpelago Wins Major Tender with Ellevio
Airpelago Wins Major Tender with Ellevio

Airpelago secures major tender with one of Sweden's largest DSOs

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Airpelago, a leader in power line inspection with autonomous drones, is pleased to announce its recent tender win with Ellevio, one of Sweden's largest electricity network companies. Airpelago is contracted to inspect approximately 6,000 kilometers of overhead powerlines annually across Ellevio’s grid using autonomous drones.

"Our collaboration with Ellevio on autonomous drone technology underscores a shared vision for safer, more sustainable, and efficient inspection operations. The drone-based approach also improves the quality of the inspections, enabling Ellevio to work more proactively with maintenance to maximize grid uptime" said Max Hjalmarsson, CEO of Airpelago.

Ellevio has expressed enthusiasm about using drones for the inspections, highlighting several benefits. 

"Utilizing drone technology allows us to achieve enhanced safety, reduce noise and disturbance for land owners, and improve sustainability in our operations. We are happy to partner with Airpelago to integrate these solutions into our infrastructure inspection strategy," commented Kristian Flinth, Manager of Preventive Maintenance, Ellevio Central Sweden.

Read more about Ellevio and how they collaborate with Airpelago for safer, greener, and better inspections here (Swedish).

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About Airpelago

Airpelago, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is on a mission to replace helicopters with autonomous drones for power line inspections. Airpelago's software solution enables superior efficiency, automation, and data quality. The transition to drones has just begun, and Airpelago is leading the way with a scalable solution.

Why autonomous drones for power line inspections?‍

  • Superior data & inspection quality
  • Significant carbon dioxide reductions
  • Safer and less noise
  • Flexibility and customizability of data capturing
  • Scalability and operational efficiency

Expanding operations across Europe

Airpelago is the market leader for drone-based power line inspections in the Nordics. With a LUC permit enabling efficient operations in the EU, Airpelago is rapidly expanding its business in the region. Airpelago delivers end-to-end solutions for comprehensive and dependable power line inspections across Europe through strategic partnerships with leading analysis firms.

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